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(un)Cuff me, Mister Turn the AC on

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Jasmine tip toed inside the library headed towards the shelves. She stood in front of the bookshelves where she had hidden the novel.

Taking the stool, Jasmine climbed on it and carefully pulled out the novel. Once the novel was in her hand, she pulled it closer to her chest.

Jasmine got down from the stool and walked to her favourite seat in the corner.

She covered the book with the sleeve cover of Cratia law book and made sure it wouldn slip off.

Taking a deep breath, Jasmine opened the book and read the next page from where she had left yesterday.

[He kissed her on the thighs, and slowly headed upwards. His hand was pressing her legs down, to let him have the full view of her flower. With his other hands, he flicked her bud, making her release a cry of pleasure. Licking his lips with the tip of his tongue, he dipped down and sucked on her pink folds…]

Jasmine unconsciously clenched her legs together when she read the passage.

Oh god, I need to get another pair of panties.

With that thought in mind, Jasmine continued reading the novel, while imagining the scene in her mind. The author had written the scene in detail, making Jasmine feel like instead of reading it, it was being done to her.

She was immersed in her fantasy, Jasmine didn notice that someone had opened the door and walked in.

The person who had walked in quietly searched for Jasmine and lastly found her reading at the corner.

Leaning against the wall, the man stared at Jasmine, who didn even blink from reading.

[Law of Creatia Vol. II]

The mans brow raised when he read the title.

She must be desperate to get out of this place, he thought.

He never saw anyone who was so focused on reading a law book like Jasmin right now. Even during his time in the academy, no one was so interested in reading the law book. They just read it to pass the exams.

Jasmine, who didn notice the gaze on her, was feeling hot by what she read. She pulled the collar of her clothes and fanned herself.

Seeing that, the man looked up at the AC. The AC wasn turned on, "she must feel hot without the AC on," he murmured.

Thus, he pressed the switch at his side to turn the AC on.

The beep sound from the air-conditioner jolted Jasmine from her daydreams. In reflex, she shut the book.


The sound resounded inside the empty library.

Slowly, Jasmine looked up and saw Deputy Trent was looking at her.

"Oh, Im sorry. I don mean to startle you," Deputy Trent said.

Jasmine rose from her seat and clutched the book closed to her chest.

"I know Im not supposed to…" her words trailed when Trent put his hand up to stop Jasmin from talking.

"Its alright," he said to put Jasmines worries away, "you can stay here and continue reading. If anyone came here and asked you. Just tell them I let you in," said Trent.

Flashing a sheepish smile, Jasmine nodded her head, "Thank you, thats so kind of you."

"It wasn a big deal," he said. Trent then pointed at the book, "if you need help with Cratia Law, you can ask me. I may not be a lawyer, but I do know the law," he added.

Clutching the book tighter, "Thank you for the offer, but Im fine. Ill keep your offer in mind," replied Jasmine.

Please go away! I don need your help with this law and punishments from this book! Jasmine screamed in her mind.

Shrugging, "Alright. Ill leave you to read. Please continue," Trent gestured for Jasmine to resume her reading.

He turned around and walked to the door to exit the library.

Jasmin slumped down on her seat, "fuh, that a close one," she released a relieved sigh.

Turning the book around front and back, "Can I just read this book in peace!" she grumbled.

Although Trent had told her she could sit in the library and continue reading, Jasmine was against the idea.

Not taking any chances to be caught reading the book, Jasmine walked back towards the shelf and climbed onto the stool to put the book on the top shelf. Hiding it from plain sight, just like she did before.

She exited the library, locked the door and put the key back to where Warden Agnes had hidden it.

Jasmine headed towards her cell when a loud voice called to her, "Inmate 230688! You have a visitor," a warden had come to look for her.

Her eyes sparkled when she heard that.

For the last few months, she was locked inside the prison, no one had come to visit her.

Tears were brimming in her eyes, assuming that Joshua had at last come to visit her with good news.

In a lighting speed, she dashed towards the visitation room.

Before she entered the room, Jasmine straightened the creases on her clothes and fixed her hair neatly. She looked at the mirror of the bulletin board and practised her smile.

When she was ready, Jasmine pushed open the door to the visitation room.

Her smile fell when she saw the person who had come to visit her.

"What the hell are you doing here?!" she roared towards the lousy lawyer.

"Ms Paxton, of course I came to visit my client," Mr. Gu replied.

"I don need a lawyer like you! You are fired!" Jasmine shouted.

"Ms Paxton, please calm down," the lawyer walked closer and reached out to hold Jasmines shoulder.

However, before the man could reach her, she avoided his touch and ran towards the other side of the room.

"Don you dare touch me! Ill tell Joshua what you did to me! Where is Joshua? Let me talk to him," Jasmines eyes were glaring at the lawyer, while keeping the distance between them.

The lawyer laughed, "thats funny!" he said, and without any fear, he walked closer to Jasmine and grabbed her roughly.

"Do you think your Joshua would save you? Thats laughable," he said.

Pulling Jasmine closer to him, Mr Gu whispered in Jasmines ear.

Jasmines eyes went wide and her limbs became limp.

Upon hearing what the lawyer whispered to her, Jasmins eyes lost its light and her soul left her body.

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