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Emergency dispatch order is not as powerful as the emergency royal decree.

Still, it’s an order to gather the country’s top ranked people to discuss how to dispatch the knights and the nobles’ military power to the frontline as fast as possible.

Only the Prime Minister and the Minister of War can issue this order other than the royal family.


If I’m not wrong, even when the demon outbreak (Stampede) happened the emergency dispatch order didn’t get issued.

In the history of the Bain Kingdom, this order has only been issued a total of 3 times one of that times was when a rebellion happened in the kingdom.

In short, the situation in which this order is issued is extremely rare.


I exchanged gaze with Frenssen.

What exactly just happened Probably because of the commotion, Max and several other people came running here.

That makes me finally awake from my daze.


“Welner-sama, what happened”


“I also don’t know.

I’ve heard about the emergency dispatch order being issued just now.

Kittel, please explain.”


Kittel dropped a bomb on us, the people who are responsible for Zeavert house’s military affair.


“A report about Valeritz being destroyed by a devil’s army has just reached the kingdom.

Currently, an emergency meeting is being held in the capital.”


I, Max, and Augen let out a gasp of surprise.

Barkey remained silent but I’m sure he was as surprised as us.

It was a genuinely unexpected situation.


Valeritz is a town in Fleethem County and the heart of Fleetheim.

The town scale is the same as the base of the Zeavert House, Zeaburg.

Valeritz never made an appearance in-game, so there’s nothing really special about the town but it’s considered a mid-sized town in this kingdom.

The number of knights that Fleethem County house is probably not that different from the number of knights that the Zeavert house has so Valeritz isn’t a town that will fall that easily and yet…


“What about Count Fleethem What happened to him”


“Currently the information we have is quite vague so the situation of the Count remained unknown.”


Judging from Kittel’s answer to Barkey’s question, the chance that the Count is still alive is probably slim.

Well, we will probably know soon if he’s still alive.

Count Fleethem is a member of the civil faction so he’s Father’s ally but I didn’t remember his face so I didn’t feel worried about him.

I just feel that the whole situation is still unreal.


It’s probably useless to ask Kittel for more information since he probably rushed here as soon as he heard the news.


“I understand.

Is father currently in the meeting”


“That is correct.”


Since Father is currently in the meeting as the representative of the Zeavert house the only thing I can do is do my best as Father’s deputy and the on-site leader until further order.


“Got it.

Kittel, return to the capital and tell my father that I’m waiting for his instruction.”


“Yes, I will immediately do so.”


“Barkey, tonight, the fourth team dispatch will be canceled until we get further orders from my father.

Max, Augen, the second and third teams will be on standby in the second sortie formation.

As for me, I’m going to prepare a document about the patrolling procedure in case we need to leave this place and return to the capital.

Frenssen, you help me.”




We won’t be able to complete the second sortie formation until we finish forming our rank but at least we will be able to prepare the equipment we need to use.

Technically we can immediately go to the capital if we form the first sortie formation but we didn’t do that because we need to wait for Father’s instruction first.

Still, it’s not good to keep on edge.


“Max, Neurath, Schunzel, tell the first team to form the second sortie formation.

After that, observe them and if there’s any problem with the first team, Neurath and Schunzel, I leave the judgment to solve it to both of you.”


While enduring my stomach ache, I appointed Neurath and Schunzel as temporary commanders of the first team in my absence.

Both of them are also expected to be the leader of my subordinate in the future when I’m absent so this is an opportunity for them to gain some experience.


If we’re talking about gaining some experience, aren’t I the young student who’s supposed to gain some experience Really, I guess being a noble in this medieval society isn’t a good thing.

Let’s just throw the leadership of the entire Zeavert army to Max!


“As you wish.”


“Welner-sama, what do you mean by patrolling procedure document”


“It’s a record of our patrolling procedure.

I mean, the worker will get confused if the patrolling route and such keep changing, right”


It’s just a record of bridges and other landmarks that served as a division of patrol area and can determine the route of the patrol to a certain extent.

Unfortunately, I won’t be able to include how many hours a patrol will last since the clock isn’t commonly used here.

There’s nothing I can do about this.


“I see.

To think you even thought of creating something like that.”


“Well, I don’t like doing stuff just by relying on your previous experience.”


If we create a manual for every job just like what the Romans did, then even an amateur will be able to finish the job.

I mean, you don’t need any originality for a patrolling job, right The people that patrol just need to report to their superior if they found any problem in the midst of their patrol.


If I have more time I also want to create a manual on how to train the people in slums and the refugees to be the assistant of the patrolling officer, but now I have more important things to do.


The fact that this kind of training will just rely on the experienced of the training without any kind of manual did bother me since this world is essentially filled with people who have muscle-brain.

Well, thinking about that is useless.


In order to prepare for any emergencies, I make sure to bring the box containing a potion-pike item and the blue box with me.

It will be best if I won’t need to use them but I got a feeling I will need to use them in the future.

Really, I don’t know just what will happen in the future.


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