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As the evening approached, I entered the lodging that had been constructed outside of the town castle and took a deep breath.

Because there are several noble houses that’s involved in this protection of the aqueduct research project, there are several lodgings built in this area.


Actually, there’s a plan to develop the lodging into a proper residential district for the workers after the aqueduct’s construction is done.


Since even the worker’s family will be permitted to live there, they won’t be forced to leave their family to work.

This place will become more or less similar to the corporate housing district in my previous life.

The design of this place is pretty unrefined but that’s not important.

What I want to complain about is rather…


“I have heard that Count Audenried said that this five-home system could be utilised for managing the slums as well but…”


(Note: Five-houses system is a system in which five households will be grouped together.

All members of the group will be held responsible for good conduct of all of the other members, including responsibility for crime and for non-payment of taxes.)


“I disagree with that.

The system will become just a formality if we implement it in too many houses.

That beat the purpose of creating it in the first place.

Moreover, we will also need a large amount of manpower to check if the system is implemented properly.”


“That’s understandable.”


“Plus, this system is more centred around monitoring than management.

It will work with workers since we provide them jobs.

They will have no choice but to accept it.

However, the same cannot be said for the slums.

We will only be monitoring them without giving them anything.

No one wants to be monitored.”


“I will pass your words to Ingo-sama.”


Actually, the reason why I proposed this method was because it’s faster than creating a family register and requires less manpower since the group members will monitor each other.

In their current situation, this is the best choice for at least a short term.


Another reason why this system is a perfect fit for the current situation is that the workers involved are refugees that have nowhere to go.

They will be desperate to ensure that none of their family members will be implicated in any crime perpetrated by others.

After all, they would find it extremely hard to survive if they got evicted by the kingdom.


What’s problematic is that for some reason, this five-houses system has been made one of the residency requirements for refugees if they want to work on agricultural land near the royal capital.

There is widespread discussion about extending the system beyond refugee management to the interior of the capital.


I’m not an expert in civil administration and I’m also not an Edo period historian so I hope they stop asking my opinion.


Still, since I was the one who proposed this system, I have a responsibility to give my opinion when asked.

Argh… I should’ve listened to Father and not meddled in this kind of thing.


Come to think of it, I wonder why both here and the army used a group of five, not any other number. 


Is it because 5 is really a limit for someone who didn’t have any leadership training to lead Like, more than 5 is difficult for ordinary people of ancient time that can’t read, write, or calculate Well, I guess thinking about that is useless.


“Welner-sama, this is the report about the thing that you have asked me to do.”


“Oh, thank you.”


I checked the report that Frenssen had brought to me.

The flavour of the tea I brewed myself isn’t consistent.

Today, the flavour is too strong.

That reminds me, I can’t find coffee in this world.

Is it because of the climate


While mulling this over, I flip through the stacks of reports.


More mysteries have arisen about Mangold.

He had definitely met someone in a bar before he caused the incident.

As for who Mangold was meeting, that is still a mystery.


Even though Magold has fallen from grace, he is still the son of a Marquis so normal commoners won’t be able to meet him but the investigation of this mysterious person led to no avail.

Well, this kind of result is within my expectation.

I’ve also requested Frenssen to do various things.


More than that, the most puzzling thing is the number of people Mangold was leading.

Outside of the capital, people apparently saw dozens of people following Mangold, yet there are no rumours of the disappearance of that many people from inside the capital.


Just to be sure, I also investigated the noble families, but it seems that there are no families that lost that many people.

Then, where did he gather all those people On top of that, there’s also the mystery of no one has ever witnessed them leaving the capital’s gate.

It seems like the royal family is also investigating this strange situation.


Even Frenssen seems to think that Mangold’s situation is suspicious and is now being very proactive in investigating Mangold.

Let’s just say there’s a need for further investigation and leave the rest to Frenssen.


Father has agreed to hire refugees that know how to read, write, and calculate to teach at the orphanage.

Of course, Father probably planned to take any promising children under his wing.


On the other hand, orphans are also offered jobs.

Though the job is just sweeping the street, nothing too complicated.

The knight department students are now leading the orphans to pick up trash and other tasks.

The intention is to elevate their reputation, but that’s not the only reason.


He who does not work, neither shall he eat.

The children are being given jobs and paid a salary.

For now, no one has interfered with the children’s job since no one wants to be the jerk.


As for the other purpose, it’s far from being achieved.

However, since that isn’t something that can be done in an instant, we just have to keep doing it.


“This one’s still a struggle.”


“Well, it is something that no one ever heard before, so that is only natural.”


I requested the craftsman in the craftsman district to do two things for us.

Thanks to Duke Seyfart’s influence, the craftsman smoothly cooperated with us to do one of the two tasks.

I don’t know where the Duke got the news though, maybe from Father


Well, I suppose the Duke, who is a military man, would be fascinated by the research on high-performance bows.


Somehow, bows in this world jump in rank from ordinary wooden bows to magic bows.

No, there are also short bows and longbows, but… If elves existed in this world, there would have been many kinds of bows.


So, I proposed something called a composite bow.

In my past life, I suppose it would have been common to create it after placing a wooden board between boards made of long and thin processed animal bones, tendons, metal, or that kind of thing.


Unlike normal bows, its range and destructive power are superior.

However, such bows are more difficult to pull and more care is needed in storing them.


More importantly, I’m also curious about what kind of composite bow can be created using the material from the demonic beasts.

Drawing the bows would probably be extremely difficult, but I think it would also be quite powerful.


The research about the best materials to create the bow is left to the creativity of the bow maker, though.

Fortunately with the Duke’s influence, we were able to collect many materials.


If they succeed in creating the composite bow, maybe they will be able to make the next item… probably.

I’ve given the rough drawing to the craftsmans so it should be fine… though I am concerned if the craftsmen can understand my drawing.


“Did the craftsmen also struggle in creating the sphere”


“They said they are having difficulty in striking the perfect balance.”


“Well, they’ve probably never made anything like that before.”


The equipment worn by the people of this kingdom will slowly become equal or even superior to what I’m currently wearing.

But for now, the nobles are demanding the people in charge of buying the equipment, including the Commerce Guild and the Bierstedt Company, to sell the ancient equipment to their house first.


However, only purchasing the ancient equipment obtained from outside the capital might lead to a loss of business for the workshop that’s been making equipment in the capital.

Therefore, I had those workshops sell old armours at a low price and have them melted down and made into something else – a metal sphere.


At present, two types of metal spheres are being made: one with the size of a golf ball and the other with the size of a baseball.


The size of the sphere must be consistent, and the sphere must be something that won’t break easily.

Otherwise, I won’t be able to use them.

I know that I’m being too perfectionist in my order but I hope it will be done in time.


Well, as a side effect, the craftsmen that are stressed because they kept doing work they are not used to have begun to frequent the public bathhouses near the craftsman district, probably to relax.


Even that bathhouse must have been busy taking care of their new customers and to find a source of water because of the water shortage so they won’t have any time to bother the orphanage.

Technically, I didn’t interfere.


“The Iron Hammer has returned safely”


I’m glad.

If not for the current circumstances, I really want to meet them immediately.

If they are present in the capital when I get the chance to return to the capital, I will ask them for more details… That was my plan but I frowned when I read the report.


“Fressen, what’s this all about”


“The reason isn’t clear.”


Mazell’s house is being ostracised in Alea Village I don’t get it.

I cast Frenssen a look, urging him to continue.


“It’s an inn, so they make money from people outside of the village, but it seems that the villagers have refused to sell food and many other things to them.”


They even discreetly asked the Iron Hammer if they could spare some spices and salts for them.

Why The game never depicted this kind of scene.


“Is it a logistic problem”



All the villagers that Iron Hammer had asked for details acted as if the inn had some problems.”


Hmm Why I mean they are the family of the hero, right The mystery somehow has increased.

Perhaps I should urgently hear the details from the members of Iron Hammer.


They are adventurers so they might wander off somewhere if I don’t immediately go to meet them, so…


“Frenssen, let’s take the next day off…”


“Excuse me, Welner-sama”


All of a sudden, a high-pitched voice resounded from outside the door.

I recognized the voice, so I signalled to Frenssen to open the door.

A knight rushed in.

Wait, isn’t he a knight under Father’s command What is he doing here Did something happen


“Sir Kittel, right Did something happen in the capital”


“His Excellency, the Prime Minister, has issued the emergency dispatch order!”




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