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Without hiding his puzzled face, the Crown Prince gazed at his surrounding

Receiving his gaze, the knights around him became unable to hide their expressions, including the young Royal Grandson who failed to hide his anxiety.

The Royal Grandson, who just a little while before troubled the knights by pestering them to allow him to go to the battlefield, was silent.

Perhaps, he too realized the change of atmosphere around him.

This was all caused by the content of reports constantly told by messengers.

Not one of them had the news of victories.

It was all about chaos and hard battle.

Particularly common was the news of action taken by their unrelenting enemy.

“Your Highness, they..”

“It looks like this is not a normal outbreak.”

Though rare, this was not the first time a demon outbreak had happened.

Previously, using all sorts of strategies, the human will be able to make the demons scatter and dissolve.

After all, the demons are nothing but a ragtag group without a commander.

But, this time as if….

“They feel like a suicide army”

“I agree”

The Crown Prince answered his retainer word’s with a bitter smile.

The enemies keep charging without caring about the damage they suffered.

It was truly different from the outbreak that he or his retainer had known.

If the battle continued in this way, the deciding factor will be number.

The Crown Prince had no choice but to notice the gradual increase of damage and casualties suffered by the knights.

He needed to retreat, but just blindly retreating would be dangerous.

He needed to let the armies retreat gradually.

Just, grabbing the right moment to do so was hard.

The sounds of battle slowly get closer to the main camp.

“Report from Marquis Norporth! Viscount Krank has been slain!”

“What did you just say!”

The rushing messenger’s word made the knights, who were the close aides of the Crown Prince raise their voices involuntary and the silent Crown Prince furrowed his brow.

Viscount Krank was not close to him.

But his death means that the situation had gotten worse to the point a noble with peerage can be killed.

In a fierce battle, knowing the change of every situation on the battlefield and giving orders as a response were hard.

What was even more challenging was making sure that order properly reached the battlefield.

Then, keeping the status quo of the battlefield while waiting to receive that order and be able to properly execute it was one of a quality that a good commander should have.

That sort of commander was the one who will be able to lead an army. 

You can also say that an army can only function with the lead of that sort of commander. With the death of the viscount, no matter how many knights they had, the viscounty’s army will be nothing but scattered soldiers.


Because an army with a lieutenant like the Zeavert’s army was rare in this world.

Without leaving any room for breath, the bad news keeps coming.

Baron Donanyi retreated from the frontline due to his severe injuries and the main camp lost contact with Viscount Mittag.

The air inside the main camp started to get heavy.

Though it was a relief that no news of the death of commander-class personnel had come from the center or the right flank, death report of knights had already appeared.

The amount casualties will only keep increasing.

While the crown prince was thinking, he heard a loud cheer from the direction of the right flank.

“What happened”

No one had an answer for the Crown Prince’s question.

People outside the main camp also started to cheer, as the sound of battle began to get farther and a strange silence covered the camp.

“Sir, a report!”


One of the knights promptly answered the messenger.

After the messenger finished his report, the sound of surprise and relief filled the camp.

The report was as followed ‘a large toad with a human body that was capable of human speech had been defeated by the second division.

After that, the demons started to retreat.’

This was the first time they heard such a beast, but it seems to be the demon’s commander, which was what the people of the camp thought.

The demon retreat was probably the reason why the sound of battle started to get farther, as the knight had successfully reversed the tide against this unusually hard outbreak.

“Lord Father, please also allow your son to fight!”

Understanding that the situation had gotten better, the Royal Grandson started his plea again.

Until now, the reason the Crown Prince hadn’t given his approval was that he hesitated against showing his still young son the sight of a struggling battlefield.

Now, the situation had gotten better.

Though he also considered the impact of seeing blood and gore on his son, seeing such a scene could also be part of his education, while the Crown Prince was thinking suddenly he heard a voice from outside.

“Your Highness, please allow me to offer counsel!”

This is the shortest chapter I’ve translated to date, and the author immediately took revenge and make the next chapter the longest.

This is also the first 3rd POV chapter that I did, which means that this chapter is written entirely with past tenses.

So please point out any mistakes.

Anyway, I still haven’t forgotten my 4 chapter debt and will try to release it slowly over the week, so stay tuned and enjoy this chapter!


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