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Info summary: Most people use second-hand clothes and they are expensive in rural towns, so the merchants are going to bring second-hand clothes from the capital to be sold.]

The mass production of clothes began to develop after the Industrial Revolution.

That’s why new clothes in this world, which has yet to reach the Industrial Revolution are all custom-made.

Even if it’s just clothes made using an old design it’s still expensive.

After all, to even creating fabric needed for clothes need time and considerable manpower.

As for ordinary citizens, their clothing is typically old clothes that are no longer worn by people who ordered custom-made clothes or everyday clothes worn by servants and attendants of the palace that ended up in the town’s second-hand clothing stores.

Even those second-hand clothes are pretty expensive so selling them is quite a profitable business.

Commoners will wear this kind of second-hand clothes after repairing them.

Then, if a town had many people who are rich enough to afford custom-made clothes, there are going to be plenty of second-hand clothes circulated in the market.

As a side note, old uniforms of nobles’ or royal’ servants and attendants are made into scrap and sold to various stores.

This is because if the uniforms are sold intact there’s a risk that criminals might use the uniforms as a disguise to infiltrate the mansions or the palace.

As for why the scraps need to be in various stores,  if the scraps are sold in just one store there’s also a risk that the uniform being reproduced.

Ah, I’m getting off-topic.

Anyway, in towns where there are only a few people who are rich enough to buy custom-made clothes, then there are only a few second-hand clothes that circulated in the market.

In that case, people will create their clothes from scratch or they will travel to a town that has second-hand clothing stores and purchase the clothes they needed from the stores.

Because of that if second-hand clothes are of good quality, then they can be sold for quite handsome prices in rural towns.

While completing my commission, Mr.

Bierstedt must be planning to also sell second-hand clothes from the capital to the towns he’s going to visit.

Sometimes there are people among really rich nobles that will throw away clothes after wearing them only once.

It’s not my problem but still, aren’t they too wasteful Are those evils noblemen and noble ladies feel inferior without showing that level of extravagance

Incidentally, it’s rare for second-hand clothes to only be used as something to be worn.

Sometimes they are also recycled into cushions for a ceramic and much other stuff.

It’s an eco-friendly usage of space.

[Info Ends.]

Then, stuff like second-hand clothes is usually put in the carts while spices like salt and salt are tied to the horses that pull the cart.

So in case of any emergency, the merchants will abandon the carts and run with only horses.

By doing that, the merchants will at least have sufficient funds to carry out their next trade.

After all, as long as you don’t fuss about the selling prices salt can be sold in most towns.

Well, I have prepared guard for the merchant corps so this kind of thing won’t happen…I hope.

“What’s left is just selecting the right people.”

“I’ve already asked Luguentz Lazer and Oliver Gekke to do the preliminary selection.”

“I see.

To have a connection with those two, you’re truly impressive.”

I don’t understand what’s impressive about it.

I’m just going to pass it off as flattery to me.

“That’s everything about my commission.”


I will see how many people are available, then”

“I’ll be counting on you.”

Ah, busy busy.

As I was about to leave the Mercenaries Guild chanting that in my head, a cheerful and familiar voice called me out from the side.

“Hey, hey, Viscount-sama, I heard you’re looking for people to complete a commission”

…What a surprise.

So it’s not only Laura who is in the capital but this guy too

“I’m Feri.

Can you also let me hear about the job”

T/L: Hi, everyone.

We have decided not to split chapters from now on so that readers can experiance that story is actually progressing.

We will also use anchor so that readers can directly skip irrelevant info dumps by clicking on them.

We will announce it in more detaills in next chapter (Chapter 24).

We hope that this will help you better enjoy this story.


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