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The screams and corpses hitting the ground caused me to barely hear my breath.

This world doesn’t have a precise clock, so who knows how long I’ve been fighting.

It feels it’s been 30 minutes, maybe actually longer.

At this point, I started to feel disconnected from reality

“Move three steps forward! Push the enemies!


Along with that shout, everyone stepped forward and turned many demons into corpses.

“Contact the main army.

Tell them We will fall back a little!”


Little by little, my voice started to get hoarse.

I’m impressed I can keep shouting for this long.


By tomorrow, I might not be able to speak.

Indifferent to my ordeal, my troop started to fall back while dodging occasional stones thrown by the enemies.

After a sufficient distance, they began to reposition themselves.

Who the hell said that stones are useless weapons on a battlefield! Even while wearing armor, it’s still terrifying to see those plastic bottle-sized thrown at me.

I’m sure the injury won’t be light if it hits my face.

That’s why goblins, kobolds, and other demons that can throw those stones are quite dangerous.

Once in a while, there will also be one that can use magic among the goblins.

Though the goblins’ magic is weak, It’s still dangerous.

So this is how tiring a retreating battle is.

I don’t know when it will end.

The plan to move to the center that I’ve talked about with Sir Wachtel went well.

The few archers and mages that the Crown Prince brought have been sent to the two flanks.

He chooses to believe in the Royal Guard’s ability.

It’s a good choice.

After all, the Royal Guards are all stronger than the demons.

In addition, unlike the flanks, the center didn’t suffer from the enemies’ spells and arrows.

The Royal Guards had successfully pushed the enemies back even before I arrived here.

After my troop’s successful surprise attack, we’ve gained even more distance.

At the vanguard, my troop continues to fight the enemies without rest.

If I didn’t prepare an abundance of potions beforehand, Some of my men might already faint.

Hufft… Even playing sports without rest while wearing armor must be easier than fighting a war.

At least, you don’t need to risk your life.

Not to mention the immense strain a war put on the body and mind.

War is more advantageous for a larger army with enough spare soldiers to shift.

“Haha….so this is why the rear often collapses first.”

With one swing of the spear, an enemy’s legs are cut.

That enemy soon becomes a corpse under the onslaught of weapons from other knights.

There were times when we didn’t manage to kill the enemies.

In that case, we just let them be.

Because even injured enemies can impede other enemies.

A scene in a war when the rear collapsed first is often depicted in history books and novels.

After all, The rear is mostly non-combatants.

It’s more common for them to run in the middle of battle.

That will cause a chain reaction, and the whole army will collapse. 

There’s no need to worry about that now because our rear is none other than the Royal Guards.

Even if I wanted to retreat, I can’t, so I’ve no choice but to keep holding up.

Having skilled troops in the rear may feel unfair.

After all, they can fight, so why did they hide in the back

But in reality, It‘s a relief.

Because any time someone among us is tired or injured, we can switch with them.

Well, The second our back is diminished into a vacant lot, I will run.

“Give the signal to our slingers!”


Now that the distance between the enemies and us have become close and it become harder to push them, I decided to use ‘that’

A worn-out flag is raised.

Following that, countless jars fly into the air.

They landed behind the enemy’s vanguard and caused a fire.

It’s the modification of the flame bottle, flame jar!  Because this world has magic, this kind of thing usually won’t be needed on a battlefield.

Plus, I don’t have the important gasoline that can cause an explosion.

That’s why I used a substitute, turpentine oil.

I was surprised when I heard from Father that it existed in this world.

Father said that people originally used the oil to make medicine, but nowadays, it’s more used to create scented oil.

The oil is not rare, but buying an enormous quantity of it is impossible under normal circumstances.

I can do it, albeit a bit forcefully, because of the Zeavert household influence.

As the oil is often used in diplomatic ceremonies, the Zeavert household knows its circulation in the market.

In other words, I just used my father’s name (without his permission) to buy the oil.

I’m probably going to be scolded later, but it’s better than dying.

The battle around the capital also makes it easier for me to gather the oils in a short amount of time.

It’s the only thing I can be thankful of the battle.

Since there are only ten slingers, they didn’t create something big like a flame war.

The reason I choose to bring the jars to the battlefield despite the existence of magic is that the fire created by spells and these flame jars is different.

The fire created by spells will die out not long after the spells hit the enemies, while fire created by flame jars can last longer.

Why I don’t know.

The principle of magic is still a mystery to me.

Anyway, I don’t care as long as its works.

The demons that went on fire started to roll on the ground.

So what’s hot is still hot, eh.

They become obstacles for other demons, obstructing the enemies’ overall movement

Because of them, a gap is created between the enemies in front of us, and the enemies after them.

If we defeated the enemies right in front, Our retreat would become easier.

“Push them back!”

“Get Them!”

“Die, you bastard!”

Several rounds of jars throw are enough for my troop to get used to them.

Now they started to prepare to attack after a round of jar throws.

Thanks to it, the reaction speed of my troop increased.

After we exterminated the enemy’s current front we stepped back again.

Not that I don’t want to run, it just behind me is the Royal Guards so I have no choice but to keep fighting.

Well, this situation is on the better side.

Because the Royal Guard has been taking care of and protecting injured personnel.

Additionally, human legs can’t match up to the beasts’ legs.

The chance of being killed after running away here is way higher.

“Welner-sama, The flame jars have almost run out”


Although we still have some potions left, tell the hunters and proters that they have my permission to retreat.

Make sure they brought our horses back to the mansion.”

I replied in a hoarse voice.

I don’t have enough energy to keep shouting like before.

The enemy didn’t relent even for a bit, so I’m mentally tired.

Comet to think of it, back when this world is still a game, didn’t a similar thing happen No matter how many times I killed mobs unless I also killed the boss they will keep coming.

Where the heck are these guys keep coming from

The capital walls had gotten closer, but I don’t think I can handle this anymore.

Should I just give up I can at least close the curtain with a dramatic end by throwing the remaining flame jars.

As I started to give up, the enemies’ movement suddenly became strange.

Some beasts look confused, and others look flustered after they see us.

Some insect-type beasts even started to attack other demons.

I followed my instinct.

“This is our chance! Push them back!”


Ignoring the knights’ doubt, I swing my spear with all my power.

A bit later, The Zeavert army that had been accustomed to following my order followed me. 

The last to react is people who just joined my troops.

As a result, we created a spindle-like formation and succeeded in killing the enemies at an unprecedented speed.

Currently, those demons are no longer a demon outbreak (Stampede) but just a ragtag of demons.

To tell you the truth, I don’t remember what happened after.

After the battle, I learned that I rushed to the enemy line and rampaged inside.

Apparently, The sight of me mowing down terrified demons makes me look like I’m the devil myself.

No, I don’t enjoy slaughter! It must be the effect of my pilled-up stress…probably.

Not long after, a second army comes to our rescue.

It was probably thanks to the knights that returned with the Royal Grandson.

We worked together with that enemy to pulverize the ragtag group of demons and successfully drove back the demons in the truest sense.

“…We won..”

“WE WON!!!”


Cheers of celebration followed after.

I managed to stand by using my spear as a cane in its midst.

Huh Is this a dream We won!

It took time for the word me to digest that fact, and the second a sense of relief came, everything turned black.


3/5 chapter that I’ve owned! The first battle has finally come to an end! Anyway, I heard that the horizontal line that I used to indicate POV and scene change sometimes didn’t appear.

So I changed it with a special character.

Tell me in the comment if it also doesn’t; show up


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